Construction Management

Our construction management services cover a broad spectrum. We provide our clients with construction services that are tailored to their specific needs. We believe that our positive relationships are central to the successful completion of our projects.

Turnaround Planning

We support our clients through careful planning to ensure that the outage or turnaround is executed in a safe, effective and timely manner. Turnaround planning is a complex set of activities that require material management, scoping, establishing of contractor structures, work sequences and coordination. Our planners have experience across smelting, petrochemical, refining and midstream activities to support specific needs.

Shop Fabrication

GMAN is developing its shop fabrication strategy and facility layout from lessons learned by our key personnel during their tenures with other firms and clients. We have existing capability to conduct structural and pipe fabrication, including the fabrication of skids for many uses.


We can conduct a variety of small to medium grassroots or brownfield construction work, including vessel setting, piping installation, civil and structural installation. Our highly qualified team has the capability to route instrument cable or medium and low voltage electrical cable.